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Transport planning and route optimisation

With over 200 installations in 10 European countries, WinRoute is a tried and tested solution that delivers more efficient and cost-effective collection and delivery services. It can be used for strategic modelling to investigate new and more effective transport systems and to inform decisions on the configuration and expansion of vehicle fleets. WinRoute is equally at home planning day-to-day operations and can be fully integrated with other IT and back-office systems. There are all manner of additional benefits beyond optimised routes that result from the implementation of a manageable, scheduled system – improved services, happy customers and efficient working practices.

Fully supported by experts focused solely on transport planning and route optimisation, and with a strong and ongoing research and development programme, WinRoute is a secure and trusted system relied upon by some of the biggest names in logistics. Whether you have a fleet of less than five vehicles or an operation that stretches across continents, WinRoute is the answer.

Ease of use

The WinRoute interface is clear and intuitive. Functions are set out on prominent tabs. Screen layouts are quickly and easily customised. Seldom-used set-up functions are grouped under a special Configuration tab. Table fields, column sorting and map colours and many other features are fully customisable. The mouse can be used to select data, functions and features directly on the map; in the Gantt chart; or in the data view.

Route Planning

Routes can be planned at a local, regional or international scale with an accuracy to the level of street and house number. Individual routes can be optimised with a single mouse-click. Double- click on orders, depots or routes to drill down to detailed information and statistics. Drag and drop to edit and amend routes directly on the map, in the GANTT chart or in the table.


Speed profiles are time and road type sensitive and customisable. Driving and arrival times are calculated on the basis of real-world information, taking into account peak hour congestion. Detailed business-specific rules can be set up to ensure routes meet all manner of user-defined constraints.

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www.winroute.co.uk is Integrated Skill's dedicated website for WinRoute sales and enquiries in the UK.

Winroute is part of the Descartes family of cutting edge logistics solutions. More information is available at www.descartes.com

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